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Guardians of the Amazon (GotA) is an NFT project in Moonbeam that envisions the creation of a better future for both ecosystems: the endangered species in the Amazon and the new ecosystem in Moonbeam.

Our mission in the real world is to use part of the NFT sales to enhance the salvation of endangered species. And for the metaverse, we want to make sure the GotA will help our Moonbeam community to thrive and drive the future as our vision.

Guardian investment: TBA
Maximum guardians: TBA


Utility & Roadmap

GotA team understands that most of the NFT projects launched in the past months are all about rarity, arts, the right hype and creating an inner circle that gets together.

Not Us.

Part of the sales will be used to create a Treasury for the Guardians DAO: A group of individuals (NFT Hodlers) that will not only vote for new projects and support our community, but also will be part of the investments by the Treasury, which in the future will reward the long-term hodlers.

GotA sees the ‘Mint Day’ as Day 1 and not the last day of the project. The real work has already started and will continue afterwards, when the GuardiansDAO will be live and we will have a saying in building the future that we believe is right.

Everyone will have a saying. And everyone will have a share of the Treasury as well.